• Cat® Lift Trucks – 5000lb Electric Pneumatic

    Cat® Lift Trucks – 5000lb Electric Pneumatic Meets All of Your Indoor and Outdoor Lift Truck Needs

    • Sealed electrical components and connectors
    • Fully-sealed wet-disc brakes
    Highest Performing 5,000lb Model in Cat® Lift Trucks Line Up
    • Drive speeds up to 12.4 mph
    • Lift speeds up to 118 ft/min
    • Up to 2 shifts on a single battery charge
    • Increased energy efficiency by 10%
    Ramp Performance that excels in tough applications
    • Automatic parking brake
    • Anti-rollback on ramps and grades
    Most Comfortable Ride
    • Solid pneumatic tires
    • Floating cab
    • Standard fingertip hydraulic control

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