• Jungheinrich End Pallet Rider Truck - ECR 327

    Capacity 6,000-8,000 lbs.  24 Volt 3-phase AC technology for high performance Ergonomic lift truck design and controls help ensure greater productivity Includes features and options for a variety of applications, including order picking, long distance transporting and loading/unloading trailers The ECR Series of walkie end rider lift trucks, featuring a 3-phase AC drive motor, provides top performance for transport, order picking and dock operations. Built for high through-put and heavy loads, the ECR offers hour after hour of productive operation. As the fastest end rider in the industry, achieving speeds up to 9.3 mph, the ECR provides exceptional acceleration with its high output controller and optimal programming. In addition, this lift truck’s incredibly responsive regenerative braking system provides a seamless transition when engaging in frequent directional changes.  

    • Electromagnetic brake – Unlike traditional mechanical brakes which require regular maintenance, the ECR Series electromagnetic brake requires limited servicing due to reduced wear on the end rider's brake components.
    • Advanced regenerative braking – Whether plugging or coasting, regenerative braking allows the lift truck to come to a stop prior to the electromagnetic brake being applied, minimizing additional wear in the system.
    • Automatically-adjustable casters – Due to the consistent wear of the drive tire, casters are one of the most frequently serviced parts on any end rider. However, the casters on the ECR are spring loaded, allowing them to automatically adjust their height in relation to the current state of the drive tire, resulting in less wear and downtime.
    • Simplified pull rod adjustment – Unlike traditional designs, the ECR end rider utilizes jam nuts to adjust the pull rods – not only allowing for simplified (one tool) adjustment – but also requiring less maintenance over time.
    • Thickest forks in the industry – Our formed forks are the thickest in the industry. Combined with cast steel fork tips, they are designed to withstand demanding applications.
    • Wet and corrosive applications – The ECR Series offers a corrosion protection package which includes a galvanized chassis, pull rods, load wheel linkage, lift linkage and forks, providing the added protection needed in the most challenging environments.
    • Generous surface area – The ECR operator platform has a spacious surface area, giving your operators the ability to comfortably adjust their position throughout the day. In addition, the “foot alcove” allows for a wider stance and helps to ensure your forklift operators’ feet are fully on the platform.
    • Motor cover – This lift truck’s motor cover is made of a heavy duty TPO plastic which is significantly lighter than steel, resulting in easier removal during maintenance. The cover is also less prone to cracking, and it will not dent upon contact. More flexible than steel, it also helps to provide greater operator comfort.
    • Twist grip – The shape and texture of the ECR’s ergonomically-shaped twist grip promotes a good hand grip, and the design allows for both hand and thumb-actuated travel control.
    • Soft rubber floor mat – This standard feature promotes operator comfort during long runs.
    • Options – This lift truck can be equipped with additional ergonomic features that promote operator comfort in certain material handling applications, including a suspended platform, traction floor plate, rubber drive tire and knee pads.

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