• Kalmar - DCG90-180

    Kalmar's Latest Forklift is part of Kalmar's new "G" generation of counterbalance equipment. This new range of forklift trucks – with capacities ranging from 20,000-40,000 lbs. – is the first of Kalmar’s G generation material handling equipment. They promise to deliver improvements in fuel efficiency, safety, serviceability and ergonomics while reducing environmental impact. One of the most notable changes ushered in by the "G" generation is the new EGO cabin. Further improving what was already one of the best on the market, the EGO cabin is markedly different to its predecessor, with major upgrades to ergonomics and visibility inspiring greater driver productivity, efficiency and safety. The DCG90-180 range helps optimize lifting efficiency and lower fuel consumption at the same time, on every lift. New electric and hydraulic systems mean quicker response, higher lifting speed and increased control. Meanwhile, new load sensing hydraulic pumps improve fuel efficiency. This combination helps drivers to be more productive while using less fuel. At the core is a choice of two new EPA Tier 4i emissions compliant diesel engines. From Volvo and Cummins, both cut particulate emissions by 90 percent as well as reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by half, helping to keep Kalmar at the forefront of environmental sustainability.  Kalmar also has the ability to offer a Tier III Cummins for those customers who select this technology until further notice.

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